German Facility Expansion Announcement

To Our Valued Business Partners:

We are committed to investing in process improvements that will benefit and support our valued partners. Due to the growing demand of our global business and our drive to provide the most efficient and cost-effective services possible, M.J. Additive Group is pleased to announce the construction of a brand-new manufacturing facility and soon to be our new head office in Warstein, Germany. This facility will be able to produce double of our current
manufacturing capacity in Germany and include the newest Environmental protection standards. This expansion will not only benefit our European customers but as well will enhance our overall manufacturing efficiency globally.

M.J. Additive Group is increasing its global presence to ensure optimal customer satisfaction while offering a source of supply that meets our growing demands of our customers. The new facility will address the increasing demand and growth the company has experienced. M.J. Additive Group is devoted to maintaining the same consistently high-quality products for which we are known, and for maintaining regulatory and quality control procedures to ensure our product is identical regardless of the facility from which it is distributed. Through our global
expansion efforts, we are now better able to provide uninterrupted deliveries and faster service that will, in turn, keep your operations running smoothly.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about M.J. Additive Group Global Expansion efforts. If you have any questions or concerns, we welcome the opportunity to discuss this further. Feel free to visit our “contact” page to reach out to your local representative.

Your support and continued partnership is valuable to M.J. Additive Group. We thank you and look forward to many new opportunities for continued growth.