To respond to our business’s success and the increasing global demands of plastic additives, M.J. Additive strategically expanded our production facilities from the original site in Germany to 2 more various locations across the globe in the U.A.E and Thailand, for prompt service and higher production capacity. Customers can be assured that all 3 locations produce precisely the same outcomes, as quality is strictly controlled by experienced staff and innovative machinery.


It is commonly acknowledged that German technology is globally-accepted for its quality and durability. With that said, M.J. Additive continues to expand with new ideas and continues to design the latest technology of machines producing precise outcomes and maximum production capacity.


M.J. Additive deeply understands the importance of manufacturing consistent quality products for all businesses, as well as how consistency earns customer trust and credit. As the major supplier for many industries, we ensure our customer’s confidence by proven, ISO accredited facilities. We are also fully committed to protecting the health and safety of the environment, and are considerate towards the communities we serve.