About Us

About Us


M.J. Additive Group is one of the leading global manufacturers of innovative and high quality Additive PreBlends for customers in the polymer industry, both producers and converters. Our team of experts work tirelessly to develop, enhance and provide our customers with plastic additives that exceed their expectations.

Apart from our own Research & Development department from within our high-tech laboratories, we also create excellent product ideas from the feedback through our global network of customers. Listening to our customers has provided us with interesting ideas allowing us to develop the latest solutions in the ever-changing market demands that challenges complex manufacturing procedures. M.J. Additive Group also understands the importance of maintaining the same consistently high-quality products for which we are known and for maintaining regulatory and quality control procedures to ensure our product is consistent regardless of the facility from which it is produced. All of our facilities have been accredited with the latest ISO Certifications – and promise to remain morally committed to in protecting the environment as well as the health and safety of our communities around the world.


Since our establishment in 1986 in Germany, M.J. Additive Group has become accepted on the global stage for our German expertise and technology. Throughout the decades of experience, the Group has developed our well-recognized additives by working alongside customers, listening to their individual requirements, and creating perfect outcomes. Our years of constant development and being open towards custom demands resulted in today’s expertise and a wide range of Additives, suitable for almost every purpose. Presently, the Group has expanded into a global supplier of all types of Additive PreBlends for the plastic industry. Presently, we have 3 production facilities strategically located worldwide to conveniently serve customers; in Europe (Germany), in the Middle East (U.A.E.), and our most recent in Asia (Thailand). All 3 regional teams can offer full local support from our experience in the field, starting from as early as your R&D phases, to custom formulations, through to final production steps. M.J. Additive Group is proud of our personal approach in customer service as problems will be solved promptly by a knowledgeable representative who knows your industry in detail – guaranteeing customer satisfaction.



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Throughout the years, M.J. Additive’s strong devotion to apply our knowledge and experience, our great relationships with customers have always successfully defied any product challenges. We have now become the leading supplier of Additive PreBlends Products on the global stage, with numerous customers.