M.J. Additive GmbH

Established in 1986 specifically to explore and develop the full potential of Additive packages as stabilizers for the European Polyethylene and Polypropylene Industries as well as Polymer converters. M.J. Additive Group has now grown into a Global leader with our Additive PreBlends providing performance enhancing products and manufacturing processes that meet and exceed the needs of customers in almost every major plastic industry today.

Over the years, our experts and global network of customers has helped us develop innovative Additive PreBlend solutions that can differentiate your products and help solve many of your complex manufacturing challenges. Today, M.J. Additive Group has expanded into a global supplier of all types of Additive PreBlends. Now with 3 production facilities strategically located worldwide, our first in Europe (Germany), our second in the Middle East (U.A.E.) and now our most recent in Asia (Thailand), our regional teams can offer full local support from your R&D phases to assisting with your custom formulations through the end of production and final product. Our personal approach to our customer service means that your problems will be solved promptly by a representative who knows your account and you by name!

Here at M.J. Additive, we understand how important it is for your business to provide a consistent quality product that is in compliance with the ever-changing regulatory compliances of today. All of our facilities are ISO accredited and are fully committed to protecting the health and safety and environmental considerations toward the quality of our communities.

M.J. Additive Group aims to improve the daily lives of both manufacturer and consumer while at the same time emphasizing our strong moral commitment to the environmental concerns of the present and future of the world we share.




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