M.J. Additive Group

M.J. Additive Group is a leading global manufacturer offering state of the art Additive PreBlends for the polymer producers and polymer converters. M.J. Additive Group provides our customers with innovative ideas resulting with enhanced productivity and plastic products. Founded in 1986, M.J. Additive Group has become well known within the community for their German expertise and technology, thus continuously providing quality products and services for our customers worldwide.

Throughout the years, M.J. Additive Group has developed many of its additives by working closely together with our customers and their individual requirements. This has resulted in a vast amount of experience and a wide range of Additives in our portfolio for almost every application. We believe that with our knowledge and experience, and our strong working relationships with our customers and suppliers, that we can meet any new challenges that tomorrow can offer.

M.J. Additive Group

PreBlends without polymer carrier resulting in independence from carriers quality

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